Friday, October 11, 2013

The Published Opinion of U.S. District Court Judge Algenon Marbley in the Steubenville Civil Rights Case Thorne v. City of Steubenville Officer John Lelles, et al

This link provides the U.S. District Court of Southern Ohio 34 page opinion which strongly favored the young plaintiff  Mr. Danny Thorne, Jr. in this significant civil rights police civil rights case filed by Attorney Richard Olivito against the City of Steubenville in 2005/6.

The opinion provided a clear victory against summary judgment which was sought by the City and its Officers 'large insurer municipal defense law firm's efforts to have the case dismissed early.

The experienced and highly noted District Court Judge of Columbus' US Courts, wrote and filed an opinion that closely followed the arguments of the plaintiff and supported the idea that the officers did NOT have any probable cause to enter the Thorne's residence without a warrant and that the claims presented by the Thorne's lead counsel, Richard A. Olivito inside his original complaint filed in January of 2005, were in fact both supported by the facts and were capable of overcoming any defense motion for summary judgment.

This well written, lengthy published opinion was substantially and materially upheld on appeal by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, a year and half later.  The plaintiffs won this litigation on every single major individual officer liability claim.

Every single legal brief deposition and responsive motion and other original pleadings in this case was done and developed by lead counsel Richard A. Olivito.